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Hi Guys,

It has been almost two years since we have communicated with each other. Hope all is well with everyone.

As some of you may know I migrated and the transition has been smooth and successful. Can I get an ‘Amen?’…

This blog is just to give you some info on the brands for this release. We are offering you the London High Street brands.

They are Bershka, Zara, H&M, Primark, InTheStyle and TopShop… and of course SHEIN .

The videos and photos you will see on our social media and on this website... they DO NOT belong to DRESSED... well some of them do but not MOST!!! We gathered them off the internet. I wanted the visual to be authentic... real people, with real bodies wearing the clothing and having fun on their social media.

Pay no attention to race or colour when looking at the photos! (Nor should it matter). I purposely took the photos off of H&M or ZARA's website of the models wearing the clothing because I wanted natural bodies to showcase the clothing. I really do not want the Instagram model ANT body look attached to DRESSED.

I am not opposed to surgically enhanced bodies. What I am opposed to is the excessive, unrealistic, overdone, oversexualized bodies on social media. So, I took the initiative to showcase the bodies that reflect the women we see everyday in our real lives. 

Your feedback is ALWAYS welcomed and I can not wait for you to send us your own photos in your creative looks of our release soon.

ENJOY! xoxo


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